Saturday, January 16, 2010


I can't tell you how much I love my kids. If I had to explain it, it would be days. So why don't I try?? Ok, sure I will :)


I am fascinated with how smart my little girl is. At 3 years old she was making her own pb&j sandwiches, microwaving her own corn dogs, and pouring her own cereal and chocolate milk. As a 5 year old she likes to try and read the directions on the cake mixes. Though, she doesn't know the difference between cups, tsp, and TBSP... but soon. Soon. I love how she feels like she has to take care of mommy and daddy when we're sick or get sick. I love how she tries to "teach" things to Caliber and Edyn. "I know you want to play with my DS Caliber, but it means a lot to me and I don't want you to mess it up." I love how she has a love for all Animals.


I love how lovey my boy is! He's smarter than I give him credit for I can tell you that. He doesn't talk much or make sense, but he understands a lot. Caliber can take plates and put them in the sink, he puts his toys away most of the time when I ask him to, he gets his own diapers and wipes, and I'm just so thankful to a have a rough and tumble boy!


Oh... Words can't express how much I love this girl. I hate to say it but she's my favorite baby. I mean I love each of my children all the same, but as a baby - she's my favorite, lol. Well come to think of it, all my babies weren't really that bad, maybe it's just because she's my last :( Yes I want more but I am smart enough to know I can't HANDLE any more children. At least for another 20 year... good news, in 20 years, I'll only be 45....... but I'll be over it by then, lol. Anyway, this girl is about turn 1... tear...