Thursday, January 07, 2010

Slow week.

It's been a slow week this week - difficult week.

Hmm. So let me tell you about my week, lol. Saturday... Jay and I were able to trade our Brazilian Rainbow Boa for a Mini Horse! Sligh joined our family Saturday! He's the coolest thing! Easy to handle, super cool, and such a doll. We were super excited to have him. Brooklynn kept saying, Thank you for buying me a pony mom! (We really didn't buy him, I wish we had the money our kids thought we had.)

On Monday we left to get some Chinese Food and run to Lowes, well after getting our food we came straight home because we didn't feel like messing with Lowes at the moment. When we got there we saw a dog attacking Sligh. I mean I've never seen anything like it. Jay and I hurdled the two chain link fences like it was an everyday thing. Running as fast as we could when we got closer we saw that Sligh was covered in blood and his ear was just hanging. He had bite marks and puncture wounds under his chin, his hind legs, and one of his front legs.

It was like sheer panic trying to get the dog away and Sligh looked at. Upon closer examination you could tell this was an emergency situation. I was so worried Sligh would suffer from shock. I got an old baby blanket and Jay brought the car in. I held the blanket up to his ear. With my phone I googled Emergency Vet and then handed it to Jay. He ended up getting a hold of a veterinarian who could come out within 30 minutes. So we waited. I got the babies changed and fed and then sent them to their rooms for nap time.

While I was doing all of that Jay let the vet and his tech in and they began looking Sligh over and taking the necessary actions. When I got out there they were done looking over him and started clipping his hair around his ear. He sutured his ear to the proper place, but whether or not he'll have control of it again is still in question. Whether he will in fact keep his ear is still in question. We're playing the waiting game right now, feeding him 8 pills a day, spraying him with horse antiseptic sort of spray, and now that our vet is out of town, we are changing his dressing once a day.

So here's to Sligh - the poor pony! We're confident he will be ok, but it all comes down to... what will happen to the ear? btw - his hearing was not affected - this is a pure cosmetic issue...

But still - how cool is he?? (the photo is pre attack - the ear pictured was the one affected :( )