Monday, January 04, 2010

2010 - Our Year

I resolve that 2010 will be our year. After one of the most mountainous years Jay and I have ever had, we deserve to make 2010 a year about us and the ones we love! 2009 held the craziest ups and downs, one would mistake them for a polygraph test!

Looking back:

I want to say January was such a bad month - but I can't. While I did lose my mother in law, I gave birth to the sweetest most easy going baby... Edith Faye Davis - RIP 1.16.09 - Edyn Faye Noelle Davis - Born 1.25.09. While it was such an amazing experience having my last child born, we were very quickly reminded how bitter sweet the moment was. In 2005 I lost my mom, Kim Noel Ermlich - RIP 2.18.05 and then just NINE days prior we had lost Edie.


February was by far - a really tremendous month for us as a family. Us Hoosier/Buckeye mixed group moved to Florida! (I know, can you believe it - NO MORE SNOW - yay!) It was a LONG drive down. We moved out of the house we were renting the beginning of Feb and stayed in the Motel 6 in Richmond for a week, then we stayed with Buddy and Mandy for a few more days until we were able to hit the road with nothing but some toiletries, a computer, and clothes! Three kids and our dog Lex (RIP - Feb 12th - Parvo) went for the adventure of a lifetime! Everything was smooth sailing until we got to Georgia... thats when our battery kicked it. Jay went with some strangers in a big white van - which seemed highly suspicious so I wrote the plate down *just in case* but everything was good when Jay returned with a new battery! On the road again. That night we arrived in Florida roughly 9:30-10 pm... boy was I pooped! I wanted to pass out! However, we had to run to Wal-mart to get an air mattress. While we were there Jay was hell bent on painting, so we grabbed ourselves a big 5 Gallon Bucket of "Coffee House" and went back to our - New House. It was a small two bedroom house with a converted 3rd bedroom... anyway... we were back at the house and spent the entire night painting! I think we went to bed around 4 a.m. We were psyched!

March, April, May:

These months went by, boring with not a whole lot going on. We did have some fun by going to our landlord's beach house, it really was heaven on earth. I will always love Flagler Beach!


My little girl turned 5 in June. Quite the milestone for any little girl! Thanks Aunt Amanda for her dress. She wore it to her party and she calls it her "party dress". We celebrated her b-day at the Beach House of course ;)

July - August:

This pair of months I think I really learned how strong I was. I'm sure family has heard Jay and I had difficulty during this time, but we came out of it victorious as a family and as a married couple should. We grapple with things daily, but we're learning, well I am. All I can say is - I hope my mom's proud, lol. I think I handled myself very well with three small children! August was also the month I officially became a Photographer for Lifetouch Preschool Portraits! I am so thankful for that!


Hmm.. I worked my BUTT OFF - literally - I lost like 15-20 lbs! I love every aspect of my job honestly!


Just the usual October, only instead of worrying about layering up for Halloween, we were ready to take off the costumes - so hot outside :) Gotta love Florida!


Well... November - again... worked worked worked... This month was relatively uneventful - HOWEVER - I did stand in a 10000 man line for Black Friday - Midnight Sale at Toys R Us! I wanna say I won't do this again... but you can't buy that kind of craziness - or can you?


December was a bad month - but it was ok too I suppose! I had an awesome christmas party with the Tampa Team - Make Em Smile! Lily had FOUR puppies! We found a FOUR bedroom house! And while I have some more work to do on myself I feel pretty damn good :)

But like I said - 2010 - It's going to be our year - where each month will matter and my look back will be tremendous :)