Monday, January 10, 2011

First Installment - Brook's Pics

Brooklynn, as the photographer's child she is, received a quality digital camera for Christmas (Santa is just that good :) ) She got a Samsung SL30 10.2 MP Point and Shoot Camera.

When I held this thing it felt so awkward, do you know how long it's been since I've used a point and shoot? lol. I'm so used to the monster DSLRs! Nnot that I'm trying to review product here, but "Santa" got this for $50 off of Craigslist from a nice young couple who took good care of it, original box, USB cord, and even a Case! The camera's user side just takes some exploring to get used to but has some photo effects like vivid, muted, b&w, retro... etc about 10 different options. Pretty cool, anyway. Upon getting this camera she's been, mom take a picture of this, mom take a picture of that, and of course she's been photographing things she finds interesting too. I just pulled some images off of her memory card to save to the computer and I noticed in this batch she had mostly pics of her brother and sister and herself, most of them I took... but it made me think how blessed I am to have a daughter who wants to document her memories WITH her siblings along side her! I just thought I'd share my favorites that I've pulled this week!

Here's to bloggin!

One Year...

It's been one year since I've blogged! I cannot believe how bad I suck! This is a feable attempt at making my one post, at least, per week.. that I will strive to make! At first this was a way to hopefully keep family updated on these babies and how they are growing, facebook takes up for what I've failed to do however. I guess though it would be good to get the whole story out there for the fam to read :) So... I guess I'll provide you with some visual entertainment! Here are some scrapbook pages (yes I still do them...not as often as I'd like though :( )

Let me get through this week (broke as a joke due to the winter lay off) and I just might be back for more!