Monday, April 20, 2009

Playing Catch Up - Easter Morning

Goodness will I ever get the hang of having three kids? That and I'm having such a hard time with motivation lately. I really need to do something to kick my system in the butt and get myself moving!! Believe it or not I'm starting to enjoy cleaning my house so I can take pride in my house. I enjoy doing school work because I know where it'll take me in the future. I also enjoy blogging, baking, cooking, photography, website tinkering, and scrapping... but I literally have NO motivation for ANY of that! I mean cleaning yeah I can understand lack of motivation... but seriously? Why don't I have motivation to do ANYTHING??

Anyway.. thought I'd play catch up with Easter Photos and MAYBE I'll come back someday to post about the awesome vacation Jay and I and the kids took last week!

These first few photos are of the Easter Baskets...

**Cal's New Shades**

Looking at his baby sister's pail instead of his own, lol.

I knew she would want a stuffed animal, but she's not the bunny kind of girl. So Mrs. Easter Bunny made the call for her to get a Frog!

This is a onesie Edyn had gotten from Tiffany in a bag of "Hand Me Downs" a BRAND NEW
tag still attached Old Navy Onesie... I saved it for Easter!

The remnants of chocolate cupcake on her face as she checks out her new LPS Bunnies.

And ditto for Cal.

Edyn checking out her Easter Goodies.

She's loving it!

Cal's cool Spider-Man Pail.

Brook's Cool Tinkerbell Pail

Little Bit of the Hunt! Yes I did hide that egg in laundry hanging on the line...

And his first Easter where he was able to participate in!!